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If you're our guest or are simply visiting our site, we hope you truly enjoy Belize and your vacation.

If there's anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable or make a special occasion even more special, please contact us!


We are so blessed to have our small vacation home and love to share it as well as our experiences with others.

Safe Travels ~ Mariah & Dean

My husband and I grew up on farms in North and South Dakota. We learned to appreciate the hard work of planting and maintaining crops then praying for good weather and a bountiful harvest. Livestock was also of great importance. My family raised hogs and my husband's raised cattle.

We met a few years after our careers started and took our first trip to Belize in 2009. We then had a Belize destination wedding in 2010! We enjoy that Belize is not commercialized. Instead of McDonalds and Margaritaville's, you will find delicious local cuisine. The Belizean's have hospitality we haven't seen many other places. They truly want to share their culture and their country so that you have the most enjoyable vacation. The island has the small town feel that we love... except with wonderful seafood, instead of pork and beef!

As newlyweds, we made one of our biggest decisions and purchased a condo at Grand Caribe in 2011. (I could give many accolades to Grand Caribe as well as the excellent location, however, I don't want this to get too lengthy.) In 2018, we had the opportunity to move into the newest oceanfront condos at Grand Caribe! Watching the sunrise on the oceanfront patio is our utmost favorite! In 2019, there was no turning back, and we decided to invest across the road at Sunset Caribe. This up-and-coming 'back side' of the island or 'lagoon side' gives you breathtaking sunset views. Sunset Caribe condos have not disappointed! It's a great addition to the Caribeville community!

Let us help plan your Belize vacation!
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